NBV is in the process of acquiring 100% shareholding of DELTA AUTOMOBILE LTD which is the only state-of-the-art heavy truck repair and maintenance facility in Kenya. After this acquisition, NBV shall embark on a continuous expansion plan by having a service station for heavy trucks every 200 KMs between Mombasa and various destinations in East Africa.

Though this business model is found in Europe and very successful, it is missing in East and Central Africa. NBV’s proposed state-of-the-art truck park are going to be a great value addition to the transport sector in the region. Transport is one of the key sectors in the East and Central African region and servicing it with a unique model shall place NBV in a special position in the automobile industry.

Delta Automobile Ltd reported a turnover of KSh 500 million for the year 2020 and is continuing to grow. Its acquisition by NBV shall make it possible to achieve its goal of regional presence with additional investment capabilities.