About us

NAIROBI BUSINESS VENTURES PLC (NBV), incorporated in 2012 is a public limited company listed at NAIROBI SECURITIES EXCHANGE (NSE) since June 2016. NBV commenced its business operations as a wholesaler and retailer of premium leather products, however, due to the economic recession and lack of demand, NBV opted to diversify its business into more sustainable industries such as the trading, manufacturing and service sector. This diversified business approach was taken to protect the shareholder’s interest and other stakeholders against ups and downs in the business environment due to internal and external factors.NBV is currently into the trading of Cement & Steel and planning to establish itself as a Cement Manufacturer, Automobile and Aviation Service provider with its expansion and diversification plans.


To be a major contributor to the development of local communities and the African economy through smart investments and ventures, hastening the evolution of Africa into an advanced economy on par with the rest of the world.


Customers - reliable quality products and value for money
Employees - job satisfaction, growth prospects, sense od their belongingness
Shareholders - wealth creation and maximum possible returns on their investments
Other stakeholders - we value everybody associated with the company as a stakeholder in our business and make all efforts to make them proud to be associated with our company. Our Bankers, suppliers and many who deal with our company to feel that we are the genuiene partner